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Leadership Judgement Indicator
Lock M. / Wheeler B.
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The tool is designed to aid the development of effective leadership decision-making.


The Leadership Judgement Indicator measures accuracy of judgement when dealing with leadership situations including the degree to which strength of preference for one decision making strategy over others impacts on the ability to flex leadership style for different situations. The underlying model for the product is essentially principle driven. The rationale is that successful leadership in decision making situations is predicted through the leader’s adherence to nine principles. The questionnaire presents the person with 16 decision making scenarios which have been written with the principles in mind. The theory is that these principles will mediate between the traits of the leader, their behavioural preferences and their ability to analyse each scenario correctly. For each scenario the respondent is asked to rate the appropriateness of each of four alternative options available for dealing with the situation. The options represent different leadership judgement styles. These are whether to engage with colleagues in a Directive, Consultative, Consensual or Delegative fashion. Each scenario is followed by five response choices to rate the appropriateness of the four strategies presented.


A reliability co-efficient of .70 (Cronbach’s alpha) was produced when each item was scored using profile analysis. Numerical differences between assigned and ideal appropriate scores showed a reliability of .64 when each difference was calulated individually. Where differences were calculated per scenario (i.e. the average assigned and the average ideal appropiateness scores) reliability was calculated to be .62. The corrected split half coefficient between items relating to pairs of derivative styles was found to be .6.


Data have been gathered for managers in a number of occupa- tions at different grades. Results indicate marked differences in performance on accuracy with more senior grades performing better. Correlations with measures of cognitive performance and personality suggest that accuracy of judgement is impacted by these factors but is distinct from such attributes as a construct. Investigations of adverse impact show no gender differences on the measure.


N= 241 managers from a range of professional groups in both pub-lic and private sectors including board level to middle management. 140 males and 81 females.

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