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Miller Forensic Assessment of Symptoms TestTM
Miller H. A.
domaine d'application:

18 years and older.


The M-FASTTM is a brief 25-item screening interview that provides preliminary information regarding the probability that an individual is feigning psychiatric illness. The scales operationalize response styles and interview strategies that have been demonstrated to successfully identify individuals who are attempting to feign psychopathology: Reported vs. Observed Symptoms (RO), Extreme Symptomatology (ES), Rare Combinations (RC), Unusual Hallucinations (UH), Unusual Symptom Course (USC), Negative Image (NI), and Suggestibility (S).

Test Duration:

5-10 minutes.

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Introductory Kit (includes Professional Manual and 25 Interview Booklets)

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Professional Manual

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Interview Booklets (25)


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Formation PiFAM : Programme de remédiation

Formation ADOS-2 : Diagnostic des Troubles du Spectre Autistique (TSA)

Formation ADI-R: entretien semi-structuré pour le diagnostic de l’autisme

Formation PDD-MRS : évaluation des TSA chez les adultes avec déficience.